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Quality of our cashmere scarves

Cashmere – origin of our cashmere scarves

Kashmir (also Cashmere) is a region in India that is still difficult to access today. It is located in the mountainous northwest at altitudes starting at 1,700 meters. The climate is harsh and the winters are very cold.

The Kashmir goat comes from this region. Although it is widespread in many countries today, only keeping it at altitudes between 4,000 and 5,600 meters and careful farming can guarantee wool that meets the highest standards.

Making the cashmere scarf

  • Careful manual combing of the goat's undercoat
  • Sorting the wool according to color and quality (only the underhair is used for the finest products)
  • Careful and careful spinning of the delicate wool into yarn
  • Careful weaving with a high number of threads

This is the only way the cashmere goat develops the fine wool with its characteristic properties:

  • Extremely fine
  • Very good thermal insulation
  • High flexibility and therefore very comfortable to wear
  • Moisture-repellent

Our quality promise

We purchase all of our cashmere scarves directly from the manufacturer. That's why we guarantee that these are pure natural fibers from cashmere in India . The entire production also takes place in Kashmir in India.